Why Normalize Stuttering?

Welcome to our Normalize Stuttering Shop!

I have been grateful to work with people who stutter (AKA our "Stamily") as a speech-language pathologist and Co-Leader of our Vermont Chapter of the National Stuttering Association (NSA) support groups for almost two decades.

It's a total joy to get to connect with the stuttering community in our university clinic, in my private practice, and in my family (my niece stutters). 

Over time, the raw and intimate stories about how stuttering can impact day-to-day life have motivated me to step up and do more.

I hope this shop is a baby step towards acceptance and normalization of stuttering, so folks can start to feel more comfortable stuttering openly and authentically - to have your brilliant voices heard rather than hidden.

This is a stuttering safe zone to salute the warriors in our midst, no matter where you are in your evolution.

A portion of proceeds from all sales will go right back to the NSA - where no one goes through this journey alone.

We're all ears if you have any ideas for other ways to show love to our rock star Stamily.

Go, Team Stuttering!

🧡 Danra