Navigating the Holidays with a Stutter: 5 Tips for Parents to Connect with Your Kiddo

Navigating the Holidays with a Stutter: 5 Tips for Parents to Connect with Your Kiddo


The holiday season is a magical time filled with joy, laughter, and cherished moments. Here are five tips to navigate the holidays with understanding and patience, ensuring a supportive environment for your kiddo who stutters:

🎄 Be Extra Patient:

The hustle and bustle of the holidays can be overwhelming for anyone, and for children who stutter, this excitement may manifest in their speech. Be extra patient during this time, offering a supportive and calm presence even if you are rushing out the door. You can set up pockets of low pressure talking time together, so they can get your full attention and know that they will be heard (you can actually say "I'm listening"). 

🎄 Acknowledge Changes in Routine:

Holiday festivities often disrupt regular schedules and routines. Understand that these changes can affect your child, potentially impacting their speech. Try to maintain some semblance of routine amidst the celebrations, helping your child feel grounded and secure. For example, you can help by giving them fair warning if you know some unexpected holiday travel or visiting will happen. 

🎄 Recognize Altered Sleep Patterns:

Late-night gatherings, holiday events, and the overall excitement of the season may lead to altered sleep patterns. Be mindful of your child's rest, ensure they get adequate sleep, and consider adjusting schedules to accommodate their needs during the holiday season.

🎄 Create Quiet 1:1 Moments:

When your child is feeling particularly excited or overwhelmed, try to carve out some quiet, one-on-one time with them. This can provide a reprieve from the chaos and offer your child a chance to communicate in a more relaxed environment. Use these moments to engage in activities they enjoy, fostering open communication and connection. Perhaps you can "bookend" exciting holiday events by having quality time together just before and after the event. 

🎄 Listen to What They Say, Not How They Say It:

In the midst of the holiday rush, it's easy to focus on the flurry of activities. However, remember to listen to the content of what your child is saying rather than getting caught up in how they are saying it. Validate their thoughts and feelings, reinforcing that their voice is valued and heard. If they are having a harder time saying what they want to say (they stop talking or seem to be changing their words), you can talk about it openly ("That was a harder one, huh bud? It sounded like you were talking about ___. I'd love to hear what happened next!").

Navigating the holidays with a child who stutters requires a bit of extra understanding and flexibility. By implementing these tips, you can create a supportive and inclusive environment that allows your child to shine during this festive season.

We hope you have a warm and festive holiday!

Love, Your Stamily 


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