Join the Normalize Stuttering Revolution!

Join the Normalize Stuttering Revolution!

Calling all people who stutter and allies! 🎉🎉🎉

Many folks who stutter aren’t ready to start broadcasting their stuttering, understandably. Society has not exactly been kind and patient, which has made many people who stutter expert "hiders".

This is a 🌟call to action🌟to all who are ready to help collectively break that silence to help spread the radical notion that it’s OK to stutter. 😍

Are you ready to jump on the Normalize Stuttering train? All aboard! 🧡🙌🧡

🌟What can I do?🌟

🔸Talk openly and listen, with genuine curiosity, about people's experiences with stuttering

🔸Think about joyful, authentic communication as the end goal, rather than fluency (ARTS approach;

🔸Check out the National Stuttering Association @westutter support groups and resources — an amazing connection point for anyone who feels alone with their stutter.

Other wonderful resources on Instagram: @aisstutter, @stutteringfdn, @friendswhostutter, @ifluencya, and

🔸 Follow and listen carefully to: @marcwinski, @caitlyn.cohen, @stutterology, @mayachupkov (Proud Stutter Podcast), @slp.stephen, and more — honest voices for our Stamily. 💕

🔸 Check out the @worldstutteringnetwork network list of the top 100 Influencers in the World of Stuttering and follow them

🔸 Take a peek at the amazing stuttering camps out there, like @campwordsunspoken, @sayorg, and @campshoutout to name a few.

🔸Great allies who "get" people who stutter are @martha_speech and @stutteringtherapyresources

🔸Wear a stutter positive button or shirt and chat with people on the street about it.

If you're looking for easy ways to spread the word, our stutter store raises funds for the National Stuttering Association (NSA) can help you find something to get you started (

➡️ What else do you think we can do to push this revolution started?

Every baby step forward means the next generation will grow up knowing that stuttering is ok - finally! 

Go, Team Stuttering! 💜

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